Yes, we take care of the whole process. We discuss and agree on the selling price for the vehicle with the seller. We then list the car and when sold we settle the finance bank and/or pay the seller and deliver the vehicle to the new owner.

Yes, Best Price For My Car covers all the majors centres in South Africa.

We will only know once we have made a price on your car and what the settlement is with your finance bank.

Yes, only once you have the selling price amount and you agree on the selling price, will you need to pay for the Dekra inspection.

Yes we take care of the whole transaction. This includes transfer of ownership from the seller to the buyer, license, registration and number plates. We can also arrange for the delivery of the number plates. Please keep in mind that it can take a long time to get the car papers from the seller’s finance bank.

This business was started in 2017 and is driven by one of the leading retailers in the country. We believe that this is the future of selling and buying vehicles as it takes all the risk away from both buyer and seller. The likelihood of selling your car is good. We scan all the websites for prices of cars of the same year and model and with similar mileage. We then peg your car just below to help ensure a quick sale. In addition to this, we can take a full range of photos of the car and make available the DEKRA Condition Report, to add value to the sale. NB: The better the car pics, the better the chance of selling the car.

The price of your car will be determined before inspection is done. Only if you are happy with the price, you take your vehicle for the inspection and pay for it at the test site. But if the car fails the test or if we drop the offer price because of a poor test results then you remain liable for the cost.

Yes, maximum vehicle age of 10 years. Mileage for cars are restricted to 150 000kms.

DEKRA Condition Report and Roadworthy Test fee of R1073, which is 100% refundable once vehicle is sold.

R 4 600.00 Administration fee.
R 2 500.00 Licence and Registration fee.

  1. HPI Check
  2. Administration (F&I/Sales Executives)
  3. DEKRA Condition Report and Roadworthy Test
  4. Vehicle delivery
  5. Fuel
  6. License Disc
  7. Number Plate Holders
  8. Number Plates
  9. Delivery of number plates and disc
  10. Fitment of number plates

  1. Roadworthy
  2. Administration (F&I/Sales Executives)
  3. Registration
  4. Admin (Clerk / Driver)

We can arrange finance through Standard Bank, WesBank, MFC, Marquis Finance and ABSA. Buyers also have the option to do an EFT Payment should they be buying a vehicle cash.

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