How it works

Scan License

Once you have downloaded the App and Signed Up, it's as easy as using your mobile phone to scan the license disk for verification.

Some of the particulars that will be confirmed include: Vehicle License Number, Vehicle Registration Number, Vehicle Type, Vehicle Make, Vehicle Model, Vehicle Colour, VIN, Engine Number and Expiry Date.

Once all the details have been verified, we scientifically research the best price possible and agree on this price with the seller.

PLEASE NOTE: The APP only works with South African licence disks.

Confirm Your Details

Complete as much information as possible in order to assist us offering you the best price and processing your sale fast.

Receive An Offer

Once we have done our homework, we will send you three price offers to choose from, GOOD, BETTER, BEST.

Receive A Condition Report

Once a price offer has been accepted, we will schedule a Vehicle Condition Evaluation and Roadworthy Test with a DEKRA branch near you. AA DEKRA will then issue a DEKRA Condition Report and Roadworthy Certificate.

Receive Your Final Price Offer

We will offer you a final price for your vehicle once it has passed the DEKRA Condition Report and Roadworthy Test.

List Your Vehicle

If you are happy with our final price, we'll list your vehicle on our partner websites.

Vehicle Sold

Until your vehicle is sold we'll handle everything. Afterwards, we make sure you get paid and deliver the car to the buyer.